Terms of service

These Terms and Conditions regulate the use of the game Let´s Win Up! Use of Let´s Win Up! implies full acceptance by the user of all the terms and conditions detailed below.

Let´s Win Up! reserves the right to revise or modify these conditions at its sole discretion, with the user being bound by such revisions or modifications in any case. Let´s Win Up! may suspend or interrupt the operation of its services or applications at any time, without prior warning and without liability. In the event of an infringement or violation by the user of these terms or conditions, Let´s Win Up! reserves the right to issue a warning or to terminate or suspend their account or accounts immediately, without warning.

Title to the Web page as well as the domain www.letswinup.zitrogames.com (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) is registered in the name of ZITRO INTERNATIONAL S.A.R.L whose VAT is LU31941684 and whose registered office is 17 Boulevard Royal, L2449– Luxembourg (Luxembourg). E-mail address [email protected].

These Terms and Conditions regulate the use of the applications and services of Let´s Win Up! by the users.

This is a legal agreement between Let´s Win Up!, (hereinafter referred to as “Let´s Win Up!”)  and you (hereinafter referred to as “You” or “the User”), when accessing or using the game, (hereinafter referred to the as the “Service”).

When clicking the “Play Game” button on the registration page you accept that you have read, understand and are in agreement with this Service and that otherwise you must cease to use and must cancel your account. Use of the Service of Let´s Win Up! always supposes the acceptance of these terms.

The Service is solely for recreational purposes for use by people aged 18 years or more or of the legal age permitted to contract the services depending on the laws of the corresponding local jurisdiction whilst using the Service, or if you are below this age, you declare that you are at least 18 years old and that use of the Service is supervised by an adult of legal age, a legally responsible person or guardian, who has read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

You, the user, are responsible for reading and understanding these Terms and Conditions before accepting to abide by them.

If you, the user, do not agree, wholly or in part, with what is stated in these Terms and Conditions or do not wish to abide by them, you must cease using the Service in question and remove all downloaded software from your computer or mobile device.

Account information

It is possible that when creating a “Gaming Account” in order to make use of the Service, you have selected a password for access thereto or to allow us to access the account information on a social network.

You, the User, may not request or open an account if you are not the holder of it or if you are acting by virtue of someone else; use of the account is individual, personal and non-transferable and it is not permitted for a third party to use it, even temporarily. You are solely responsible in the event of any type of loss, theft or unauthorized use that a third party may incur. In the event that this has been able to occur, Let´s WinUp! must be informed immediately and given all assistance to investigate the matter.

You must understand that you are solely responsible for use of the account by underage persons and for prohibiting the use of the Service by persons under 18 years of age and for the uses derived therefrom, taking all the measures necessary in that respect.

The User guarantees the authenticity of all the data and information provided. Under no circumstances Let’s Win Up! will be responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the data and information provided by the User. In consequence, the User is responsible for the possible consequences, errors and failures that may arise from the lack of veracity of such information in the provision of the Service.

The data and information provided by the User can be corrected by the User before completing the registration, or after having done so, by sending an email to [email protected]. Please note, that it is important to check the information provided and to correct any errors before finalizing the registration process.

Let´s Win Up! reserves the right to access and reveal any type of information necessary for compliance with current laws, the prevention, investigation or management of cases of fraud, security or related technical problems, with the commitment to protect the property rights and security of Let´s Win Up! and its users.


You, the user, understand and accept that we shall not in any manner or form guarantee that the use you make of the Service is legal in a particular jurisdiction and you are solely responsible for guaranteeing the legality of your actions. In the event that use of the Service is not legal in your local jurisdiction, you must abstain from using it. Let´s WinUp! reserves the right to cooperate fully with the competent authorities in complying with the law.

The user exempts Let´s WinUp! and its employees of any liability (judicial or extrajudicial claim, legal damages and prejudicial consequences, expenses, etc.) related to the illegal use of this Service or from any breach on its part of any of these Terms and Conditions.

Cancellation of account

These Terms and Conditions will remain in force until the User permanently deletes the Application or the end-of-services take place due to any of the reasons stipulated in these Terms and Conditions. Likewise, in case the User only access, use or navigate through the Website, these Terms and Conditions will be applicable while accessing, using or browsing the Website, to the extent applicable.

Let´s WinUp! may, without prior warning, suspend, cancel, modify or limit your access to the Service or your account in the event of even the merest suspicion of any breach by you of these Terms and Conditions, or in the event of illegal or illicit use thereof. In such case, you may lose your access data and any benefits or contents acquired and Let´s WinUp! shall not be required to compensate you for any concept.

Let´s WinUp! may unilaterally and at any time terminate the Service and suspend or cancel your account, without your having access thereto nor to its content, without prejudice to Let´s WinUp!’s right to store backups in the system for a time. We also reserve the right not to return to you the benefits of your account at the time of closing it. There will be no kind of restitution of virtual goods converted into cash or any other type of reimbursement, and you the user shall also lose any type of access to your account or the benefits associated therewith.

Let’s WinUp! will make all reasonable efforts to notify the User through the email address associated with his or her account or profile, regarding the termination and interruption of the provision of the Service.

Content of the user

The contents, applications and games of the Service may only be updated, edited, moved, amended or removed wholly or in part by Let’s WinUp!, who reserves the right (not the obligation) to take this type of action. The user allows Let’s WinUp! to publish information relating to nicknames or scores, texts, images, photographs or any type of content uploaded by the user to the Service, as well as the selection and disposal thereof.

You are solely responsible for the content described above or any other type of similar content that you have uploaded to the Service, as well as the publication thereof.

You specifically exempt Let’s WinUp! of all liability for suppressing or not storing or transmitting the content and other communications in the use of this Service. Furthermore, Let’s WinUp! reserves the right to establish limits at any time on the use and storage of data and without prior warning.

Channels of comuncation

You understand and accept that the comments or publications that you may make through third party services such as forums, blogs or chat rooms are not private or confidential and can be seen and used by other users who access the Service, and for this reason Let’s WinUp! does not take responsibility for the opinions or publications of other users, nor for the use that third parties may make of the information from data published by you on the channels previously described or similar.

Virtual currencies and goods

The use of the Service offered by Let’s WinUp! is free for users and is for the purpose of entertainment only. Nevertheless, the user may acquire virtual money through payment gateways in order to extend the levels and time of play. In no case may users of the Service withdraw money in cash, or any type of goods or prizes with a real value earned from their ability or performance in the games supplied.

The purchase of virtual money is final and non-reimbursable. It cannot be transferred to other users or be exchanged except at the entire discretion of Let’s WinUp!. It is not permitted to sell, purchase or exchange virtual currency outside the Service. You accept and understand that indulging in this type of activity can lead to the cancellation of your account and suspension from the Service, as well as legal action being taken against you.

The purchase of virtual money is subject to the local jurisdiction where the user resides and it will be done through specifically authorised payment gateways. Let’s WinUp! reserves the right at its entire discretion to cancel a request by the user to purchase virtual money.

The purchase of virtual currency shall be reflected in the balance of your “Gaming Account”, through which it will be downloaded when the Service is used. The user undertakes to pay the commissions or charges derived from the purchase, including any taxes derived therefrom. All transactions derived from the purchase of goods are final.

Any type of incident relating to the payment gateways shall be resolved under the terms and condition described by the payment suppliers. Any type of incident relating to the purchase or invoicing must be notified in a maximum period of 90 days from the completion of the transaction.

The maximum term for bringing a complaint and/or claim shall be three months from the date on which the occurrence took place. Any claim received will always be dealt with and answered without fail by our Customer Care Service following receipt thereof.

The user undertakes and is responsible for reimbursing all payment rejections (chargebacks, claims, tariffs, commissions, fines, penalties, etc.) incurred with Let’s WinUp!. You understand that the communication from a payment gateway to Let’s WinUp! of any type of payment rejection (chargeback) entails the cancellation of your user account and suspension of the Service, as well as the compensations derived from this circumstance.

Standards of conduct and use

You state and guarantee that you have full rights and authority to use the Services and that you will be bound by these Terms and Conditions. You accept that you will comply with all the laws, regulations, statutes and decrees and with the terms thereof.

Intelectual property

The entire contents of the Application, which shall be deemed to include, without limitation, texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links, domain names, brands and other audio visual or sound contents, as well as their graphic design and source codes (hereinafter referred to as the “Content” or “Contents”), shall belong exclusively to Let´s Win Up!, ZITRO INTERNATIONAL S.A.R.L or companies of its group or third parties, whose rights, where appropriate, are recognised by Let´s Win Up!, and shall be protected by intellectual and industrial property rights under national and international legislation.

Let´s Win Up!, ZITRO INTERNATIONAL S.A.R.L and/or companies of its group do not grant any license or authorization of use of any kind on its industrial and/or intellectual property or on any other property or right related to the Website, the Services or the content.
The use of any types of element protected by industrial and intellectual property rights for any purpose, especially commercial purposes, and the distribution, communication, modification, alteration, transformation or decompilation thereof shall be strictly prohibited without the express written authorisation of the owner of the element protected.

Breach of any of the above rights may constitute a breach of these provisions and an offence typified in the Spanish Criminal Code.

In the event that Users provide any information to Let´s Win Up! through any of the channels enabled for that purpose, Users declare, guarantee and accept that they have the right to do so freely, that said information does not infringe any intellectual and/or industrial property rights, trade secret or any other rights of third parties, and that such information is not confidential or harmful to third parties. Users assume responsibility, leaving Let´s Win Up!, ZITRO INTERNATIONAL S.A.R.L and the companies of its group unharmed by any communication being supplied personally or on their behalf.

In the event that the Users consider that there is a possible breach of intellectual and / or industrial property rights over the Contents of the Website, they may report this to Let´s Win Up! by writing to the contact address indicated in this Terms and Conditions.

Limitation of liability

Let’s WinUp! may suspend the Service wholly or in part for whatever reason at its entire discretion and without prior warning, due to technical, security or maintenance reasons, power cuts or any other justified cause.

Let’s WinUp! disclaims any liability for software errors, indirect or sequential losses, service delays or interruptions, errors in any type of data information, communication errors, online failures, as well as misuse or unauthorized access to the User account.

The User accepts that the use of the Service will be under its own liability and risk. Let’s WinUp! does not assume any type of liability associated with death or personal injury caused by negligent use of the Service or by fraud or illegal activities, any type of loss related to the company’s activity or any other type of loss or damage derived from direct or indirect use made by you of any link to a Web page contained in the Service, application or game.

Let’s WinUp! shall not be liable for any interruption, delay, error, malfunction of the Service or, in general, any other inconvenience owing to reasons beyond the control of Let’s WinUp!, and/or due to the Users acting negligently or fraudulently and/or due to force majeure. For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, force majeure shall be deemed those contained in the legislation/regulation applicable and also it shall be deemed to include all those events beyond the control of Let’s WinUp!, such as: error on the part of third parties, operators or service companies, Government acts, non-access to third party networks, acts or omissions by public authorities, events resulting from natural disasters, power cuts, etc. and attacks by hackers, crackers and other third parties to the security or integrity of the IT system. In any event, irrespective of the cause, Let’s WinUp! shall accept no liability for any direct or indirect damages, consequential damages and/or loss of profits.

Let’s WinUp! disclaims its liability for any kind of damage that might result from the lack of veracity, accuracy, exhaustive nature and/or updating of the contents transferred, diffused, make available or received, obtained or which have been access through the Website, or the contents loaned or offered by third parties or entities.

Let’s WinUp!, insofar as this is possible, shall try to update and rectify the information hosted in the Application that does not comply with the minimum guarantee of veracity. However, it shall be held harmless from such information not being updated or rectified and from the contents and information dumped in the same.

Let’s WinUp! shall not be held responsible for the content of the information collected on the Application or the opinions, comments, remarks or any other statement contained in the same which are not issued directly by Let’s WinUp!.

Let’s WinUp! disclaims liability for any kind of damage that might result from the presence of viruses or other harmful elements in the IT systems or the documents and systems stored on the same.

Let’s WinUp! shall not be held responsible for the contents, whatever they may be, that the Users submit to Let’s WinUp! through the Website or Application, the electronic mail service or any other means. As a result, any liability arising from the contents submitted by the Users shall be attributed to the same. In particular Let’s WinUp! shall not be liable for the use that minors may make thereof, in the event that the contents to which they have access could affect their sensibilities.

Let’s WinUp! shall not be held responsible for the use made by the Users of the Contents of the Website and the Application and any other material contained in the Website, which might entail a breach of any type of rule, national or international, intellectual or industrial property rights or any other third party right. Likewise, Let’s WinUp! shall not be held responsible for any possible security errors that might be produced as a result of using browsers that have not been updated, or the consequences that might derive from the malfunctioning of the browser, whether due to incorrect configuration, the presence of a computer virus or any other cause not attributable to Let’s WinUp!.

The prices in Store may vary for reasons outside Let’s WinUp!’s control such as foreign exchange rates applied by the payment processor or the charges that can be applied regarding matters of taxation, depending on the country where the purchase was made.

Personal Data protection and Privacy Policy

The personal data that you provide for the correct provision of the Service will be processed by Let’s WinUp! according to its web Site and Application Privacy Policy, both of them available in the privacy policy.

Use of Cookies

The Website will use cookies. Users have the option to prevent the generation of cookies by marking the corresponding menu option in their browser, however if they choose to deactivate the use of cookies the operation of this web page may be affected.

Let’s WinUp! uses its own and third-party cookies to measure and analyse the use of the Website and to improve its services, as contained in the relevant section of the Website. (cookies policy.)


Any clause or provision of this Legal Notice that is found to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable shall be excluded from it and shall be considered inapplicable to the extent of such illegality, invalidity or unenforceability and replaced with a clause or provision as similar as possible to such illegal or invalid clause. The remaining provisions shall not be affected and notwithstanding such illegal, invalid or unenforceable clause or provision, shall remain fully valid and in force.

Let’s WinUp! disclaims any warranty of any kind and therefore shall be held harmless from all liability derived from the above points, and other issues that might not be envisaged in this document.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The relationship between Let’s WinUp! and the User shall be governed by current Luxembourgish legislation and any dispute related to the use of the Website shall be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of the address of the User.


The Spanish version of these Terms and Conditions shall take precedence over versions in other languages that Let’s WinUp! may publish on this Website.

WinUp! Contact

If you wish, you may contact Let’s WinUp! at any time, should you have any queries or doubts or need assistance. If you have any question about our Terms and Conditions or any other type of query, do not hesitate to contact us via the following e-mail address: [email protected]